Treatments Tried

A couple years ago I happened to be tabling for the National Psoriasis Foundation at a California state event featuring non-profits. As I walked around to other tables I met someone from my town nearby. He happened to also have psoriasis and shared about his radiation treatments for psoriasis from fifty years ago. That’s when I knew sharing treatment stories can be a powerful way of expressing our life experience with psoriasis. 

Over the past forty-plus years I’ve tried many, many treatments for psoriasis and atopic dermatitis (psoriasis). Some treatments doctors continue to prescribe. Other treatments received updates. And yet still some are footnotes in treatment history. In the course of the past ten years I’ve also blogged about some of these treatments.

My goal for this section of PsoHoward is to share my personal treatment experiences from years past to the present. By doing so I hope you get some ideas for yourself, feel encouraged someone else goes through similar treatment ups and downs, and gain a measure of hope to keep fighting and trying.

This project will take some time, but it is a worthy endeavor. I’ll add treatments to this section as time and inspiration allows. In the mean time, I hope and pray that you find ways to treat and cope with your skin conditions in a way that allows you to live your best life each day.

Biologics Tried

Skyrizi (Risankizumab)

Starting Skyrizi for Psoriasis: Week 0

Skyrizi Week 3: Three Questions Waiting to Be Answered

Skyrizi Week 6: Anxiously Awaiting Results

Skyrizi Week 16: The Verdict

2020 Psoriasis Treatment Updated (Skyrizi Week 36)

2 Years with Skyrizi for Psoriasis

Tremfya (Guselkumab)

Tremfya (Guselkumab) Week One

3 Weeks with Tremfya: The Waiting Game

5 Weeks with Tremfya: Biggest Fear?

6 Weeks with Tremfya: Redefining Expectations

8 Weeks with Tremfya: It’s Working!

10 Weeks with Tremfya: One Step Back

12 Weeks with Tremfya: The Third Injection

14 Weeks with Tremfya: What’s Next?

16 Weeks with Tremfya: The Verdict?

20 Weeks with Tremfya: Read the Instructions! (4th Injection)

24 Weeks with Tremfya: A Pattern Emerges

28 Weeks with Tremfya: Still Working? (Injection #5)

38 Weeks with Tremfya: The Question/Answer Edition

42 Weeks with Tremfya: Coping with a Skin Flare

Tremfya is much, much harder to get than I imagined

One Year with Tremfya: Can’t Get Enough!

85 Weeks with Tremfya: Finally a New Dosing Schedule

Starting Skyrizi for Psoriasis: Week 0 (Last Tremfya Post)

Systemics Tried

Otezla (Apremilast)

Insurance Request Denied for Otezla

The Frustrating Road: Appealing the Insurance Denial

9 Weeks Done with Otezla. Keep Going?