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Joining NPF on Capitol Hill

Last year I very much looked forward to attending the National Psoriasis Foundation's Capitol Hill Day in the nation's capital. Alas, due to inclement weather and subsequent flight cancellations, I didn't make it. This year I'm hoping the storms hold off long enough for my flight to land at Ronald Reagan National Airport on Sunday evening. If they do I'll not only check off another item off of my psoriasis bucket list, but also join in a cause I’ve become increasingly passionate about.

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28 Weeks with Tremfya: Still Working? (Injection #5)

March 5th finally arrived--injection day. The time came for the fifth dose of Tremfya (guselkumab) twenty-eight weeks after starting this treatment journey with it in August. As I waited for the medication to warm up for a few minutes my thoughts began to wander. Would I take Tremfya if my insurance didn't pay for the approximately ten thousand dollars per injection? Is there any chance for even greater improvement as I go into the second half of a year taking it? Will any long-term side effects eventually pop up if I take Tremfya over a long period?