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Below are links to various blogs, features, and other aspects of Howard’s patient advocacy.

Everyday Health

The Itch to Beat Psoriasis


Blog Contributor

psoSTRONG, Contributor/Ambassador, Psoriasis Well-Being

Plaque Psoriasis, Psoriasis Expert Advocate

Selected Feature Articles

Living with Psoriasis: “How a Painful Disease Inspired Me to Advocate for Others”

My first “Treat to Target” experience

It’s more than just an NPF event

NPF Advance: Psoriasis Patient Fought Insurance and Won!

Highlights from Team NPF Walk in Sacramento

Painting the World with Hope–NPF Blog

11 Ways to Fight Depression When You Have Psoriasis

How Social Media Gave Me My Life Back

Health Central’s Psoriasis Big Picture (scroll down)


Awards and Advisory Roles

I Know PsO, Janssen Sponsored Psoriasis Blogger Group

HealtheVoices 16 Advisor, Psoriasis Advocate 

Healthline Psoriasis Blog of the Year 2012-2017 Expert Patient Reviewer

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