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Insurance Request Denied for Otezla

Today I found out that insurance denied my dermatologist’s prescription for Otezla (apremilast). With so many days passing before hearing I assumed the scrip ran into issues. So, I messaged my doctor to find out what happened over the past ten days.  The dermatology office will appeal the denial, which can take up to 30 days–though I’m told that most likely we will hear back earlier.

How do I feel about the insurance denial? I thought I might feel upset and angry, but I mostly shrugged it off. This insurance company, at least the prescription medication provider, is no doubt accomplishing their goal of wearing me down. They are already in my head. As soon as I received the prescription my first thought turned to whether insurance would approve it. I’m saddened that I would think that first.

Besides indifferent and somewhat sad, I feel mostly tired. For a long time, I’ve preached having a good working partnership with health care providers. I practice what I preach. I can talk to my dermatologist just about anytime about anything. We work closely together to decide on my treatment plan. That’s now not the problem.

How do I have a good relationship with the pharmacy benefits company my insurance contracts?

These issues really are new to me the past few years. From the time of my diagnosis until I took this new job in 2014. I was with Kaiser Permanente. I didn’t deal with insurance issues directly—it seemed if the doctor ordered something, I wouldn’t question if I would get it. Phototherapy, biologics, pills, and procedures were all covered.

I’m not looking forward to the next few days. It feels like each time I call I talk to a different person. All the same, I’m building up the courage to make phone calls to the insurance company this week. When they wanted to deny my Enbrel twice a week—claiming a once a week step down protocol that didn’t work for me—I pushed back hard. I overturned that denial with persistence, clear reasoning, and a calm approach.

Praying that I can keep that same calm, figure out what’s going on, and help the process along. I don’t have to have this exact medication. But I do need to feel some security and confidence that I can reasonably have access to what my doctor and I think are best for my psoriasis and health.


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