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Another Inconvenient Psoriasis Treatment

Tomorrow I have my next dermatology clinic visit in the morning. I’ve been putting off something Dr. Maverakis asked me to do last time: patch testing for any reaction to using coal tar formulations.

When you look at the tar you might understand why I put it off. You can’t smell it, but trust me that it smells like the road after repaving, or the roof after renovations. The La Brea Tar Pits aren’t too far behind. The darker formulation is crude coal tar in Aquaphor, and the lighter one is LCD coal tar in a Cetaphil cream.


Crude coal tar formulation on my inner arm covered it with gauze. Will my skin react to it?

I’m almost hoping that my skin will react negatively to the tar formulations. The idea of slathering crude coal tar on my body for four or more hours, covered with plastic wrap, doesn’t sound pleasant–at all. I’ll need to go into Sacramento, about a 30 minute drive, three times a week for phototherapy first.

We also need to figure out where I can stay in the clinic as no facilities exist right now for patients doing Goeckerman Therapy. The current bathroom set aside for this treatment to wash off the tar is used as storage. A new bathroom is under construction. I’ll get to check that out tomorrow. I might even get my own office behind the clinic to hang out in my pajamas!

I’m open to trying this treatment as I need a break from cyclosporine. Cyclosporine works great for both psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. But it also has a long list of nasty side effects, including hypertension and kidney concerns.

See my blog on 6 Inconvenient Treatments I’ve Tried for Psoriasis–I’ll no doubt be adding a seventh soon.






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