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The Future of Psoriasis Care

If you could look forward to coming medical innovations in psoriasis treatment and care, what would you want to see?

In my Everyday Health column The Itch to Beat Psoriasis,  I address questions medical innovation, cure and prevention, and what a life free of psoriasis might look like. As always, I’m grateful to Janssen for the invitation, supporting my travel expenses, and putting together a great team for the patient panel.

In the column I did not share how going to San Diego that weekend became quite a journey. The storms in California raged during my travel both ways. Matt Iseman showed up a bit late to our prep meeting, which amped up my anxiety as I hoped we’d have more time to talk about how the panel would be conducted.

The overwhelming consensus from the panel is the need for immediate relief so those living with autoimmune conditions. The impact of chronic conditions cannot be overstated. It’s written on the lives of those who battle everyday.


I joined Matt Iseman, Brooke Abbott, and Mariah Leach for an immunology patient panel in January

Turns out everything went better than I could have expected. The researches gave us a warm round of applause at the end. Afterwards, I met a couple people who wanted to follow up with what we talked about. The huge storm that hit home even passed just before I landed at Sacramento airport!

All in all a great trip to share the patient story to those who everyday work hard to improve our lives.


You can read the column The Future of Psoriasis Care here.